Using International SOS

Each time you travel on university business, you need to log specific trip dates and details into your Personal Travel Record with International SOS (ISOS). This will ensure that you have access to travel assistance services while abroad. Unless you input your travel information into an account, it will not be available for ISOS staff to locate you in the event of an emergency. Medical and personal information can only be accessed by an ISOS doctor.


All GW full-time and part-time faculty, staff and students, who will be out of the country on university-related travel, are eligible for International SOS. You are already a member under the university’s corporate membership.

Please note that this program is not for leisure travel. Any student or employee planning to stay for personal travel may purchase the International SOS coverage at a reduced rate, and at their own expense. Please contact International SOS directly for additional information. 

Activating and Recording Your Trip

To record your trip, please download the step-by-step login instructions (PDF) before logging into the ISOS Personal Travel Locator. While logged in, you will want to make sure to register all transportation and lodging plans and print your card. This card contains your membership ID number and telephone numbers for the three major worldwide ISOS Alarm Centers. 

Technical Issues

If you are facing technical issues, please contact ISOS Online Help at 646-259-0477 or by email,

Services While Abroad

If you need service while abroad, emergency phone numbers are listed on the back of your travel card. It is important to carry the card with you at all times while traveling. For any questions that arise while traveling (i.e., questions about situations in a specific country/region, medical information, security information, etc.), please contact International SOS’s Assistance Center at 215-942-8478 or via email at

Health Insurance

International SOS is not health insurance. University travelers should maintain their own personal health insurance and determine how their health insurance program applies to medical care prior to traveling.

You may purchase international medical insurance directly from Summit America. This program provides international medical insurance for $1 per day of travel.

International SOS

All members of the GW community traveling abroad must register with International SOS prior to departure. Access GW's International SOS portal, which provides important information about your destination.