Electronic Theft

Theft of laptop computers and small electronics from campus buildings and offices continues to be a serious problem at the university. Laptop computers and small electronics are highly susceptible to theft because of their size and portability. In fact, laptop computers and small electronics usually disappear without any sign of forced entry, and they are most likely to be stolen during a semester or holiday break.

University employees who choose to use laptop computers and/or small electronics because of their convenience and ease to transport, are expected to exercise a higher degree of personal responsibility to secure the equipment when it is not in use.

Because the university is unable to purchase insurance to cover unexplained disappearances of property, there are currently no recourse or insurance funds available through the Office of Risk Management to cover unexplained laptop or small electronic thefts.

Reimbursement from the university for the loss of a laptop computer or small electronic devices will only be considered if the equipment is taken from a locked desk, cabinet, or closet, and there are signs of forced entry. If you have a laptop or electronic equipment that is stolen under these circumstances, you should immediately contact the GW Police Department and request that they take a report. If you would like to file a claim, you should report this incident immediately via Webform.