Student Renters Insurance

If a GW students' personal property is stolen or damaged in their residence hall room, it can cost them a lot of money, time and frustration to replace. With this in mind, the university recommends that students insure their personal property. Such personal property may be covered under their parent's/guardian's homeowners' insurance but should be checked and verified in writing by the Homeowner's insurance representative. Alternatively, renters insurance can be purchased from several national commercial carriers that provide insurance tailored for university students living in residence halls on campus, off campus, and around the world. 

College Renters Insurance is available through GradGuard and features comprehensive coverage for all your college essentials. Free quotes are available online.

If you think the university has caused damage to or loss of you personal property, you may file a claim.

The George Washington University does not endorse any insurance company and is not responsible for loss of or damage to the personal property brought into the residence halls by the students or their invitees. It is the students' responsibility to protect their own personal property. Students interested in pursuing such insurance should contact the insurance company directly for additional information.