Student Property Claims

Students are responsible for damage to or loss of their personal property. However, the University may consider reimbursement in those instances in which the University has caused the damage or loss.

When a resident thinks the university has caused damage to or loss of his/her personal property, the resident should:

  1. Notify Residential Property Management (RPM) immediately
  2. Complete the Webform detailing how the damage or loss occurred

If RPM determines that the claim has merit, it will contact the Office of Risk Management and Insurance. We will investigate the claim and determine the validity and value of the claim.

The resident should not dispose of damaged property unless authorized by the Office of Risk Management and Insurance. Processing property damage/loss claims may take up to 30 days. If the claim is accepted, the resident will receive a settlement offer and payment after signing a release. Risk Management will take possession of destroyed property subject to the settlement.

The university's responsibility is to cover the repair or replacement of the damaged property up to its actual cash value (i.e., the replacement cost of the item(s) minus an established depreciation factor) and not the replacement cost of a new item. To the extent that the amount claimed for repairs or replacement exceeds the actual cash value, the Office of Risk Management and Insurance will in the settlement offer depreciate the claimed amount to develop the cost of a similar item of like, kind and quality.