International Travel Insurance & Assistance

GW continues to be concerned with your health, safety, and security while you are traveling on behalf of the university, especially to an international location. What would you do if you became ill, or were involved in an accident, or a security related incident in a foreign country? How would you deal with an emergency where language is a problem and adequate standards of medical care cannot be guaranteed? What if you were in a foreign country where the political situation was unstable or quickly deteriorating?

Risk Management administers an International Travel Insurance and Assistance Program. This Program provides insurance coverage and travel assistance services for employees and students engaged in overseas university-related travel, as set forth in the International Travel Insurance Policy.


GW students are eligible to purchase international health insurance coverage at a reduced rate through GeoBlue. Visit the GeoBlue site for additional information and to purchase coverage online. Travel resources and policies can be found in GW's Office of International Programs.

Student coverage includes:

  • Travel advice services
  • Security evacuations
  • Repatriation services
  • GeoBlue clinic access
  • Country guides, travel security reports, and information on vaccinations, diseases, and business and cultural etiquette

In addition to the student coverage areas, employee coverage includes:

  • General liability insurance
  • Foreign voluntary workers compensation
  • Excess auto liability insurance
  • Medical services

Faculty and Staff

Faculty and staff traveling abroad on university business are automatically covered by the GeoBlue insurance plan. To register, please follow the steps from GW's Office of International Programs.


The Program contracts the medical and travel security services of GeoBlue for this coverage, which differs between students and employees.

If you are an employee and require insurance coverage not listed, please contact us for additional insurance information.

To purchase the HTH individual policy